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Don’t Stop Me Now


This title should probably be, “Someone, please stop me.”

I don’t know what’s happening. For so long, I’ve been bogged down by the news, people, and the negative messages slung at us from every direction. I’ve been making gratitude lists, meditating, and overall just trying to outlast this overwhelming feeling of hopelessness.

Nothing has changed. If anything, it’s gotten worse. A meteorologist, when asked why we just had a huge winter storm in the middle of April, said “climate change” on national television, making all three morning show hosts gasp. Yes, it’s really happening. Our president is acting like a spoiled child, threatening to inundate sanctuary cities with migrants to “see how they like it,” while at the same time still threatening to close the southern border. Despots continue to rise in other parts of the world. The UK still can’t figure out how to exit the European Union.

zombie songs

Despite all that, my energy level has changed. I’m ready to take on the whole empire myself! I just started an Instagram account (@edie_montreux_author). I’m loving my new novella for Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m posting more on social media, and even posting on the accounts I usually avoid.

Whatever this is, I hope it continues.

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