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Don't Take the Queen

Amazon Music started sending me notices several months ago. The print was small, and I didn't have any other option than to hit "Okay," so I did.

Last month, I noticed my playlist no longer had Regina Spektor songs. That's right, I noticed Regina Spektor missing before I missed my favorite band of all time. I did a quick search of Amazon music, added her entire catalog (even the weird songs), and thought I was done.

It's been bothering me ever since, though. If all the songs I uploaded to Amazon have disappeared, that means I have zero Queen songs. I own the entire discography, thanks to the Crown Jewels collection, and I uploaded them the moment I upgraded my Amazon storage and added Prime Music.

I checked today. Zero Queen albums, with one exception: Flash Gordon. Amazon decided Hot (Mess) Space had to go, but Flash Gordon could stay. Queen I and Queen II aren't even available - what a joke. Why am I paying for this service, again?

I found an album I haven't been able to get elsewhere today, though. Mr. Bad Guy. And I listened to a gorgeous song from Barcelona, all Montserrat Caballé, "Exercises in Free Love."

In related news, I also found one of my favorite albums of all time, The Traveling Wilburys Volume One. It's been a long time, and I love it so much. I also found the extended version of "I Got My Mind Set on You," by George Harrison (a member of the Wilburys and a former Beatle, for you youngsters). Yes, there's an extended version of the song that inspired Weird Al Yankovic's "This Song's Just Six Words Long."

I'll be copying my Queen discography to USB so I'll have it when Amazon fails me again. Until then, I'm finding new songs and listening to some old favorites.

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