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follow your dreams

I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions for 2019. I’m going to do my best to maintain this year. Keep exercising (and reading on the treadmill). Keep eating better. Keep learning Japanese. Keep writing. Keep learning and growing at the day job.

I’m also going to keep dreaming of a better tomorrow. I’m going to write stories I want to read. I’m going to create characters I wish I knew in real life, and I’m going to write the world I wish we lived in.

define dream

I’ll do what I can to make this a world worth living in, too. I will fight the far right extremism taking over our country and our world. It’s not just us. North Korea has a dictator, Russia’s president rigs his own elections (and ours), China’s parliament voted to allow their prime minister to rule for life, and Brazil’s new president won on a platform of military rule and death to all gays. There’s something very bad in the water.

I’m not going to wait for a better tomorrow. I’m going to dream it into existence. I hope to see you in my dreams.

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