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Edie's Biggest Mistake of 2020

This blog topic brought to you by the card game Vertellis. I didn't have a blog topic, so I pulled a card from the game deck and this was my card.

I don't see my choices as mistakes, but there are definitely some choices I would take back, if I could. In January, I purchased tickets for a San Francisco trip in June. Those tickets are now airline credit, waiting for me to redeem them whenever this is over.

I planned the entire second half of my Toastmasters pathway around that trip to San Francisco and the evolution of my writing career. Instead, my writing career is still on hold while I wait and see what happens next and where the world will go from here.

In the meantime, I'm switching back to writing epic fantasy. It feels safer to create a world rather than to guess the possibilities of our ever-changing new normal. It's comforting to return to my elves in a time where there is little comfort to be found.

The one thing I wish I hadn't done in 2020 was stop writing. I'll find a way to make my writing habit happen again in 2021.

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