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Energy Vampires

I wrote a whole blog I can’t post. That’s frustrating. I don’t like to hold back my harsh criticism of assholes who talk shit about women in general and people they don’t even know in particular. I would also like to keep my job.


Switching gears.

Energy vampires. They suck. They suck your will to work and make it so you can’t focus because the grating sound of their whining draws your attention, even when you’ve donned your headphones and are trying desperately to drown them out with Hamilton.

We are outgunned Outmanned Outnumbered, out-planned

It has to be incredibly draining for the energy vampires, themselves. Complaining is not an attractive look on anyone. There has to be a purpose, and an end, to the complaining. Complaining should always go UP the chain of command, not around to one’s coworkers. Coworkers on one’s level cannot fix an issue, nor will they be particularly appreciative of the distraction.

If you have a coworker who does this, I recommend the following book: The No Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon. Sometimes, the power of suggestion needs to be blunt: you know, having the book anonymously appear on a coworker’s desk. I won’t tell, if you won’t.

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