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Everything at Once

After a week off, everything at once is how I roll. I've set a new goal to meditate each day. I'm writing a synopsis and cover letter for Breaking All the Rules (finally). I'm starting a huge work project that will take me through the end of the year. We're also building our new fence next week, which means we get to start tear-down later this week. Oh, and we're watching Stranger Things season 3. No spoilers, please!

Doing everything at once feels a lot like standing still. We're making progress, but it's slow. At least some of the projects, like watching Stranger Things and building our fence, have a finite and quick end date, while some could last the rest of my life, like meditating. We keep churning and burning through each day, changing, moving, evolving. I'm grateful for being so busy. I am also grateful for giving myself time to take a breath each day and appreciate it all.

How do you take time for yourself?

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