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Everything Leads to Queen

Did anyone else notice the zombie “Bohemian Rhapsody” shirt Greg Nicotero wore for his video clip during The Talking Dead?

This weekend, my mom asked me how I got to be such a huge Freddie Mercury fan, since Queen isn’t exactly my generation. I told her she’d need to read my blog. I compiled a page with all of my Freddie blogs, so you can learn along with my mom. (I feel like I’ve unleashed the Kurgan on her…sorry, Mom!)

I’ve written thousands of words about my Freddie fandom, but they don’t even come close to explaining how much I owe him. He changed my life when I thought it was over, even after he died.

I’m trying to keep my promise. I may never cure HIV/AIDS, but I’m working with my community to find a way to give back. I’m writing gay romance because everyone deserves love. Eventually, I’m going to bring gay romance to the masses. It’s not opera, my dears.

For now, my impact is small.

It’s a start.

It will last forever.

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