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Facebook Rants Are So…

It’s my turn to be click bait, motherfuckers. You know as well as I do that we are all responsible for being complete dicks to our mothers, or someone else’s mother, so yes, we are ALL motherfuckers. Now shut up and listen to my rant about your Facebook rants.

Stop being butthurt about someone unfriending you. That’s fucking ridiculous. People can choose to keep or remove any person they wish from their Facebook account. It’s not like this is real life, anyway. We all edit the shit out of everything we post. If you’re the one idiot posting the real, the raw, and the naive, that’s on you. (((HUG))) if that’s you.

I get it, I do. I notice when one of my friends goes missing. I’ve stopped caring. I know who my closest friends are. I still check them to make sure I didn’t lose someone who mattered. I haven’t lost one yet.

People are annoying. Some people may even find you (or *gasp* me!) annoying. That’s all part of life. Some people are here to experience something completely different from you or me, and our truth is just too much for them to bear. That’s okay. Yes, that may mean that we get a little butthurt when we get dumped. Just keep on keeping on, my friend. You be you. I’d friend you twice if I could.

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