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Faith Restored

Heidi Cullinan* restored my faith in women writing M/M with this passage from Fever Pitch: (revisiting this blog, where my  faith was shaken)

“So I was a girl. I’m the girl.”
“You’re not a girl—and for the record, there’s nothing wrong with girls, so don’t talk like that.” This came from Kelly, and a bit testily. “I wanted the same thing as you. I hadn’t had sex with anyone, and I wanted it to be special. That’s not a girl thing. That’s a people thing. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting it.”

THIS. THIS IS HOW MEN SHOULD TALK ABOUT WOMEN. This is much better than reading, “So-and-so felt like a woman for being such a pushover, and no one corrected him.”

I love how Heidi Cullinan writes. I don’t know how she manages to make Disney happily-ever-afters also seem gritty and real. I love her characters. I just finished Lonely Hearts tonight, and I cried when it was over. I’ve spent two books LOVING Baz, and now I don’t know what to read next.

That means it’s time to write. And since we started with a Freddie meme, why not finish with:

On with the show!

*Heidi Cullinan also wrote this blog post that terrified me and made me vow to never, ever, EVER, contact her. I considered breaking that vow to message her about using the quote, but then I had a fucking panic attack and decided it’s fair use. Please, Heidi, if you do manage to find my measly blog, please agree the above quote is well within the realm of fair use. This is also not some lame attempt to contact you.

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