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False American Idol

Spoiler Alert: this is NOT about the television show. Trigger alert: pedophile.

I loved Kevin Spacey. I would be so proud of his recent coming out (again? there’s some debate), if it weren’t to cover a sinister act. He’s learned the art of misdirection from our dear President: “Sorry, I must have been drunk. Look over here, at the gay!” (Though this gives the President too much credit – Spacey played Keyser Söze in 1995.)

Zachary Quinto said it much better than I.

To second the outcry on social media yesterday, Anthony Rapp was 14 years old. That makes Spacey a pedophile, something no one seems to be talking about (except my very vocal group of friends). THAT IS NOT OKAY. I don’t care how many years ago it was. I don’t care how known it was. NOT OKAY.

Nothing is sacred in this world. Nothing. So, I give you Dr. Evil, dancing to “Beyond the Sea.” I need some happy Bobby Darin right now without Spacey’s filth all over it.

If you, like me, need the whole song, here you go.

Anthony Rapp, thank you for adding your voice to #metoo. Thank you for shining a light on this disgusting man. I am so sorry this happened to you. #Ibelieveyou. I’m sorry people are blaming and questioning you. They would rather believe a beautiful lie than face an ugly truth. Instead of watching House of Cards, which was on my to-do list, I will instead go through your IMDB backlog. 

I support out actors, not pedophiles.

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