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February: Positive Spin

Today, I was told in a roundabout way that my attitude toward February is negative. The person who determined this was not wrong. There are at least ten reasons I hate February. Instead of running down the top-ten list, let's ruminate on a few things I love about February:

I love the end of February. Lemur's birthday is the 27th. I love Lemur; therefore, I love his birthday.

I love learning throughout Black History Month. Today, I learned about Robert Lawrence, the first black astronaut. I also loved watching the documentary about Muhammad Ali's friendship with Dick Cavett in the HBO documentary airing last week. I'm a white girl. Nothing's going to change that, but I can educate myself about systemic racism. I can try to do better. I can be a better supporter and listener. I can be a better friend.

I love Hamilton. Yesterday was President's Day. Alexander Hamilton wasn't president, but Lin Manuel Miranda made the story of George Washington fresh and new while sharing Hamilton's shortcomings.

That's where I have to draw the line. I have no more positive things to say, other than I am glad we're over halfway through this awful month. May the rest of February treat us with kindness and may it get gone without further inciting incidents.

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