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Fickle Goddess

Procrastiwork, thy name is Tuesday. After I wrote my 2k words for the day, I set up my pre-order for Stone of Power (and pushed out my publish date from the original - it's now February 25, which gives me one more weekend to edit before it's locked in on the 21st). I also met with a fellow Toastmaster on Level One projects and somehow lost half a day.

What I forgot: it's blog day! I finished reading Chris Fox's Launch to Market today, and he gave me an idea on a blog topic I haven't covered yet: What is this Farbonnur Elves series about, anyway? I'll cover that in the next few blogs. In this one, I wanted to dive into the gods (and demons) in the Farbonnur Elves series.

Valorias is the only goddess in a pantheon of Dashalin gods. They chose to flee the realm of the living rather than stay and fight the human blood mages for control of Farbonnur. When they fled, they bestowed Valorias with their power and made her the goddess of dreams. She controls the realm of dreams, which separates the realm of spirits (where the gods have locked themselves away) from the realm of the living (where the mortal elves, lubariq, and humans live). The gods' final act was to imprison the blood demon Huroth within the realm of dreams. They declared victory over the human blood mages, thinking they would stop worshiping Huroth now that he had no impact on the realm of the living.

They were wrong. Three human brothers crossed the Middle Ocean centuries ago seeking Valorias's son, Davri, and the other elves born with the same Dashalin power of the gods, but in much smaller quantities. Humans don't have Dashalin, but they can steal it by draining elves' blood. With enough Dashalin power and the right rituals, the three blood mages plan to free Huroth from his prison.

When Stone of Power begins, they've already destroyed the tower in Abilwyn and killed Valorias's son, Davri. She's not willing to give up that easily. She's placed Davri's body in a clear coffin at the top of the pyramid in Velastes and she's given his power to Velden, his former consort, and sent him out into the world to wait for the birth of her second son, who will have the power of the entire tower of Abilwyn and will be the turning point in the war with the humans.

Velden has his reasons to distrust Valorias.

  1. She's supposed to be all-knowing, but she didn't see that a blood mage would infiltrate their tower.

  2. She let Davri believe he could steal Velden's true dream and make it his own.

  3. She exiled Velden and Faraki after Davri's death to wander listlessly for over a century. When is this kid supposed to be born?

Valorias has reasons for everything, but she rarely discloses them to mere tower elves. She has a chosen few dreamers to predict the future so the elves aren't completely blind to the blood mages' machinations. But who has time to sit around being all knowing and all powerful? She has three realms to protect and the blood demon grows stronger each night as more and more dead rise to become the empty eyes of Huroth's and act on the whims of his blood mages.

If this sounds intriguing, Farbonnur Elves book one, Stone of Power, is now available for pre-order!

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