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Finales Week

You know how I insisted I wouldn’t get into any new shows this season, except MAYBE Scorpion? Well, I lied. I watched maybe three episodes of Scorpion this season, and possibly five episodes of Gotham.

I also watched several episodes, and parts of episodes, of The Flash. What can I say? Lemur watches The Flash, and I like hanging out with him. Unfortunately, the show airs on Tuesday nights, and he likes to watch on Tuesday nights when I’m struggling to get a blog written before bedtime. Most weeks, I finish before the show airs. The last two weeks, I haven’t been so lucky.

Fortunately, tonight was the season finale. Don’t worry–no spoilers. All I will say is that I can’t wait for next season. I hope to convince Lemur to record season two, so we can watch it together. On Wednesdays.

By Saturday, all of my shows should be over (except Game of Thrones), so I’ll do a recap of the shows I intend to continue watching (The Flash) and shows I wish to stop watching (Vampire Diaries). 

Until then,

Remember how much I bitched about the musical? Well, it was okay. Maybe even man-tear worthy. I wouldn’t know. I unleash girly ugly-cry monsoons.

For those of you who prefer the real song, and still want SPN clips, I give you the season 9 finale opener:

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