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First Drafts, Word Counts, and Butt-in-Chair

I didn’t march for our lives today. I dragged my ass out of bed at ten this morning, had brain-food for breakfast, and now I’m ready to hunker down and write at least 5k on the novelette I’m writing.

For a maximum of 40,000 words, this story requires a lot of research. Not the fun kind, either. It’s not ancient history, but it’s also right at the cusp of the information technology age, so there are gaps in free knowledge. A trip to the library might be in order. Yuck. I don’t want to people.

Instead, I’m reaching out to my writing friends (and even contacted CNN via Twitter…we’ll see if they respond) for technology answers. I will also need a Muslim sensitivity reader and a Sarajevo expert for the editing process. Please reach out via Facebook if interested.

I still have time to get it right, but first, I need to get it written. Today is the day to make words happen. When it’s done, I can focus on the details.

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