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I am a jack of all writerly trades, and yet, master of none.

  1. I have one failed manuscript that I’m rewriting from horror to romance.

  2. I have a five-book series that I’m waiting to rewrite until I get legitimate feedback from betas.

  3. I have a 30k start on a pirate fantasy that has been dead in the water* since January. 

  4. I have a folder of short story ideas, but no completed stories.

  5. I have a One Note notebook full of contemporary romances waiting to be written.

In other words, I feel like a total failure. 

I had lunch with another fiction writer yesterday. He was so impressed with the sheer amount that I had written, and I wanted to crawl under the table. So I wrote a lot. It means nothing if people won’t read it. It also means nothing if I don’t write consistently.

So today, instead of tackling all of my projects at once, I’m going to tackle one: my YA novel. I’m going to outline where it is now, and map where it needs to go. And then I’m going to start the rewrite.

Tomorrow, I’m going to reach out to my betas for feedback on the first fantasy novel. If they don’t have feedback, I’m going to revise the first chapter on my own, and then reach out to Rainbow Romance Writers (I joined! YAY!) or Absolute Write for more feedback.

Once I make progress with these nagging disappointments, I can focus on writing new material.

*(You should know by now that all puns are intended.)

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