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Focus on Mundane Successes

How do I avoid writing yet another post about how unproductive I've been? Maybe now's a good time to focus on the boring, mundane things I've done.

Today will be my 89th day of meditating in a row.

Today will be my 104th day of walking 10k+ steps in a row.

Yesterday, I managed to make tons of page updates and publish an entire release within my workday hours.

This week, I wrangled two dead baby bunnies from my dogs before they ate them. (I failed to recover at least three others. Also, adult bunnies who think our yard is a safe place for their little ones are stupid.)

Thursday, I finally finished "The Arena" by updating the last five or so hashtags I inserted with actual names. (Fantasy names are hard for me. They ended up being Roman, anyway.)

Today, I sent out my newsletter. If clicking the link for my blog posts brought you here, welcome!

This weekend, I'm going to finish the first draft of Medium to Well. I am. I promise. Right after I publish this blog.

What mundane things are you checking off your lists every day?

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