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Follow Your Arrow

I’ve been going through the motions for a few years now.

Get out of bed. Make Lemur breakfast. Choke down my own breakfast and coffee. Shower. Make Alejandro presentable. Clothes. Leave the house on time. Get out of the car when Lemur drops me off, and walk into work.

Work. Work. Work.

Maybe Lunch.

Work. Work.


Wait for text.

Meet Lemur outside and go home.

The rest of my day falls out of routine. Maybe I’ll work out. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll play video games. Maybe I’ll write. Maybe I’ll read a book. Maybe I’ll fall asleep in my pasta.

That routine, though. It used to be a blessing. Now it feels more like a curse.

Where is Agent Smith and his human battery factory? Sometimes I want the blue pill.

Maybe I just need to try a little harder to follow my arrow. Wherever it points, it’s not to my desk.

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