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Four Lemur Videos

Lemur: Why is everyone posting lemur stuff on Facebook? Me: Because they’re cute, like you? Lemur: No, seriously. Why?

I don’t have an answer for my adorkable Lemur, but I am part of the problem. I posted this video to my page this week: (Shameless plug to follow me on Facebook – CLICK HERE.)

This prompted me to find more cute lemur videos:

Madagascar, Island of Lemurs:

No predators in their natural habitat…except the assholes who destroy their natural habitat.

I’d never seen a silky sifaka before:

More Madagascar: Twin Ring-tailed Lemurs

Life is good for these lemurs.

True Facts about the Aye-Aye, a highly specialized lemur:

Take away: learn how to use a spoon. It’s not an instrument.

I don’t have time to find videos for a top ten. I’m on a deadline. Besides, if I posted ten videos, you would be here all night. You’re welcome.

Have a favorite lemur video? Post it to my Facebook Page!

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