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Freddie Mercury: Thanks for the Memories

It’s November 24 again. For those of you who have been reading this for the past year, you know the significance. If you don’t, you can check here.

The anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death always falls around Thanksgiving in the US. Today, I’m thankful for so much that Freddie offered the world, and I promise that he will never be forgotten.

First, without Freddie, there would be no Guns and Roses. Axl Rose has said he wouldn’t be where he is today without the influence of Freddie Mercury and Queen.

A little “November Rain” seems appropriate.

Some other artists who have been inspired by Queen’s front-man: Katie Perry, CeeLo Green, Dave Grohl, and Lady Gaga. (Full list here.) South Korean pop-star, Psy, has my favorite fan quote: “My lifetime hero and role model is Freddie Mercury of Queen.”

Kurt Cobain referenced Freddie Mercury in his suicide note. He also said he drained Nirvana’s van battery several times because he had listened to Queen too much.

This song makes me think of Gatsby. I blame the video…

It’s no surprise that Adam Lambert has always been a Queen fan, since he has been their front-man for two concert tours. Constantine (also of American Idol fame) is also a fan, but Adam has a better low range and he doesn’t over-force the vibrato. Freddie Mercury was a baritone, not a tenor, which is why so many people have difficulty replicating his range. The man sang damn good falsetto.

Adam Lambert + Queen: “Somebody to Love”

Q magazine led to my discovery of Mika when they printed five albums influenced by Queen, and Mika’s Life in Cartoon Motion was the only one I didn’t know. Now, I love Mika. I’m pretty sure I’m close to burning a hole through Origin of Love. 

If you don’t know Mika, you should check him out. His falsetto gets a little screechy sometimes, but his lyrics totally make up for it–he writes his own songs. (I KNOW! IT’S A FUCKING MIRACLE–PEOPLE STILL DO THAT!) Mika is the only artist I know who makes you want to dance to break-up songs, like “Love You When I’m Drunk.”

This song is just audio because, like Queen, Mika doesn’t know which songs are going to be big in the US. This totally should have been a single, and a video, and it would have gone viral. 

When I light a candle for Freddie, “Happy Ending” is the song I’ve played the last two years.

This video is for my fellow Hetalia fans, since that blog (here) has the most G+ likes. 

This is completely selfish, I know. I’m sad. I’m angry. But there is hope in that little bit of love, hope that all the ones we’ve lost can hear us in that great beyond. To me, that’s comforting. 

Queen also influenced Green Day, who sing one of my favorite songs of all time about mourning. If you’re asking, “How the hell is this song about mourning,” you never heard Gloria Reuben sing it on ER.

It was definitely unpredictable to those of us who weren’t living in the house with Freddie. No, I don’t think it’s ever right. But I know Freddie had the time of his life. And no, my dears, it’s not “Good Riddance,” even if that is the title of the song.

In closing, I will leave you with the song my friend JC wants played at his funeral: “Don’t Stop Me Now.” This is also the song that played when I walked into the HardRock Cafe in San Francisco with Sharky.

Keep the memory alive, my friends. Keep playing Queen songs. You know I will.

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