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M/M Romance for the What Now?

My motto/catchphrase/what-have-you for the past five years, "M/M Romance for the Masses: It's not opera, my dears!" comes from a Freddie Mercury quote. He once said Queen's over-the-top campy performances and character-inspired songs were "Opera for the masses."

I'm no Freddie Mercury, but we have the same dream. I want to take something that was previously only read by an elite few (who knew where to find it) and make it available to everyone. Thanks to Amazon, I was introduced to a whole world of literature I'd never known existed. Now that I write M/M Romance, I want to share what I've written with the world.

" ... for the masses," whatever ... may be, became a saying ages before Freddie, which is why I wanted the extra flare, "It's not opera, my dears!" We show love in our family by poking fun at each other. This is my way of showing love for Freddie, all aspects of storytelling (even opera), and writing campy and fun M/M romance with universal themes.

What is your personal/professional motto?

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