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Gayest Day Ever, and Television Stop/Start/Continue

I read in Pink News that May 23, 2015, could quite possibly be the gayest day ever. I have many reasons to celebrate today, but Ireland, the country of my ancestors and the country where I hope to one day retire, voted yesterday to legalize same-sex marriage. That’s something I didn’t expect to see in my lifetime. That makes today a very special day, indeed.

Today’s also my birthday. We went to Perkins and had pie. Yes, I’m wearing my Supernatural t-shirt. I can’t eat pie without thinking of Dean.

I am 38. Pro: I have outlived Bobby Darin.

Con: I can no longer quote Dennis the Peasant in reference to my age. That makes me sad. Thirty-seven is the best age.

Today is also my nephew’s graduation day. Congratulations, Squirrel King. May you achieve all of your hopes and dreams, and conquer the other forest creatures.

I also promised a television recap.

Shows I will STOP watching: The Vampire Diaries. The time has come. No matter how promising it looks, Aleric’s lovers will die, Tyler’s a dick (and maybe even a hybrid), Matt’s going to live against all odds, Caroline and Stephan will create stupid reasons to stay apart, and Damon will go back to being the biggest asshole in the history of assholes without Elena to keep him in check. Spoiler alert–Bonnie will live. Why? Because Kat Graham’s still on the show, and Nina Dobrev isn’t. *SPOILER-NOT-SPOILER.* Meh. I’m done.

Big Bang Theory. Misogyny abounds. When Amy got the balls to dump Sheldon, we high-fived, and then agreed the show just isn’t funny any more. The only reason I would continue watching: Sheldon realizes he’s gay. Not that I think the character is gay, but watching Jim Parsons in The Normal Heart made me wish Sheldon Cooper was more like Tommy Boatright.

Lost Girl. Final season. I already miss Kenzi, but no regrets.

Shows I will START watching: I’m going to Netflix Freaks and Geeks, because my friend who watches Silicon Valley can’t believe I’ve never seen it.

Empire. I loved Taraji P. Henson on Person of Interest, and from what I’ve seen of Empire, I’m going to love it.

Girls. Just to see what all the fuss is about.

Shows I will CONTINUE watching: I’m still an HBO girl: Game of Thrones. Silicon Valley. Looking.

OMG–Looking. The more Patrick learned about Kevin, the more I yelled at my t.v.: “Run the fuck away. Fast. Now.” This can only end badly, and I thought the half-hour shows were supposed to be comedy. Still, I’m hooked. I see them walk past the Columbarium, or the Castro, or the Tenderloin, and wish I were there. (Okay, maybe not the Tenderloin. I’m small and touristy and probably an easy target.)

The CW is still my guilty pleasure: Supernatural. The Originals. The Flash.

Like Vampire Diaries, Supernatural tells the same story season after season, but it’s one I love. “Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.” Dean saves Sam. Sam saves Dean. Crowley and Castiel circle around them like fairy godmothers. I keep waiting for the entire plot of Good Omens to play out on screen.

We still watch mainstream CBS: Person of Interest (if it returns). Elementary. Scorpions (Maybe).

Shows I haven’t really watched that I thought I would: Scorpions. Gotham. If I’m honest, The Flash. If not for Mark Hamill and Clancy Brown, I would have missed even more episodes than I did. It’s possible I won’t watch much next season, either.

Time will tell. I intend to finish some writing projects during the off-season. Or find other ways to procrastinate, like Street Outlaws and Hardcore Pawn reruns.

What shows will you stop/start/continue watching this fall?

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