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Gears of War 3 Update

Well aware that it’s Sunday again. I had a good reason to procrastinate this time. I wanted to give an update on Gears 3, and it took longer than I expected: by the time we finished our second set of fifteen rounds, it was around midnight.

Well, the hard work paid off. Switching to King of the Hill on Mercy with all hammerburst weapon loads and max time and levels sped the onyx in hammerburst. My three new medals: Hammerburst, Master at Arms, and Rifleman. Three medals at once? This is normal when achieving the onyx medal for the fifth and final starting weapon.

Hammerburst was the final starting weapon for me. If you’ve played the game, you understand. Hammerburst is not nearly as effective as the lancers. It doesn’t have a chain or blade for a secondary execution tactic. To execute someone,  you bash their head in four times until their skull breaks open, so it leaves you vulnerable for a longer period of time than, say, the gnasher execution. Plus, it fires super slow, unless you mash the trigger. While the retro-lancer needs to be fired in short bursts to be accurate, at least it kills your opponent before you have to reload.

Hammerburst on insane: Step 1. Get ’em down. Step 2. Reload. Step 3. Hope someone doesn’t steal your kill before you can shoot again. Step 4. Shoot the last few bullets to kill the downed opponent. Step 5. Reload again, so you have enough bullets to get the next one down.

More often than not:

I now have twenty-nine onyx medals. That means I’m one away from unlocking the Embry Star! Which will it be: Shock Trooper or Finisher? Those are the ones I’m working on next, as soon as I switch my rifle back to the lancer.

Here’s a list of the sixty-five medals needed for Seriously 3.0.

In other gaming news, a friend shared this with me earlier this week. It’s twelve minutes of pure comedy gold if you like football, or Mortal Kombat, or Conan O’Brien.

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