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Get on the Newsletter Train

I sent my first ever newsletter today!

Did you get it?

If not, it's time to get on the newsletter train! Subscribe to Edie Montreux. The newsletter has what's happening with me (something sadly lacking from the blog these last few weeks), what I'm working on, and what I'm reading. There's also the chance to read two free stories! I talk more about the stories on Giveaways. "David and Goliath" would be a great read for Halloween, if you like not-quite-tentacle porn between a half-giant and a spider. "Gotta Catch Him" is a fast and fun romance between two Pokemon Go players.

Why sign up now? I'll have release information soon about The King's Physician, that's why! The cover is coming soon! The newsletter will also be more up-to-date with personal information I haven't had the time nor the desire to share here. If you want something more personal than my blog, the newsletter is it.

Thanks to all of you who are as excited about The King's Physician as I am. I hope to have more good news, soon!

In other news, Mika dropped a new album last week. This is my favorite song. It's Drexel and Robbie from Breaking All the Rules in so many ways: "Ready to Call This Love."

Shout out to one of my work besties for hooking me up with some Lizzo. I don't listen to much new music, but she was so worth it. Check her out, if you haven't already.

One more, for the kids riding this train (you know who you are): I don't watch SNL any more, but this caught my attention Sunday morning. Then it made me laugh out loud both times I watched it. I love David Harbour and Sesame Street, so of course I jumped at the chance to see both.

This train's pulling into the station - make sure you've got a season pass!

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