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Ghostly Romance

My current story ideas are all paranormal romances. At first, I thought this was a fluke: I’d get the paranormal out of the way and get back to contemporary romance. Not so much. I’m working on my third paranormal romance idea for a short story anthology. It fits, but not exactly…I’m mucking it up with the whole paranormal aspect, which probably means I’m setting myself up for rejection.

The paranormal theme isn’t what you’d expect, either. I’m not writing about vampires or werewolves. They’re GHOSTS. All of them. Spirits of the dead either causing havoc for the living, waiting to cross over, or just hanging out as spirit guides.

I’d love to say I don’t know why, but I do. I spent a lot of time in graveyards as a kid. My grandma visited her loved ones often, bringing fresh-cut flowers from her garden, trimming the peony bushes she planted, and saying hello. When we moved to the “big city,” I sought out the cemeteries –the green spaces make me feel at home. Now, with the recent deaths of Prince and Bowie, I find myself wondering about the afterlife more and more. Are they partying with Freddie? (Of course.) What does that look like? (You’ll have to join us and find out, darling.)

I’m not joining that party any time soon. I’m doing my best to live forever, so my retirement will be many, many years doing what I love: writing. So instead, my spirit wanders to that big party in my dreams, and brings home these crazy story ideas. I should get back to writing, then…

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