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Giveaway Time!

"Gotta Catch Him" is up for grabs in the LGBTQ+ February Giveaway. If you've already gotten it and that's how you found me, stay tuned for Pika Perfect! If you haven't picked it up and you want to read it, join my newsletter and grab it for free!

I'm also giving a storytelling speech on Tuesday for my local Toastmasters club. We're getting ready for speech contest, so I'm prepared to be lambasted by my peers - I'm giving the speech for our evaluation contest. No pressure or anything. The speech will fulfill a level three supplement so I can move on to a bigger project with level four. I was going to do the one for visual aid software (PowerPoint) instead, but technology is not strong with our group. There's always at least fifteen minutes wasted on "can you hear me now?" and "why isn't this thing working?!" With three evaluations, nobody's got time for that. Storytelling it is.

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