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If you guessed I wrote another post I can't share, you'd be correct. I will share it soon. I will no longer be silent, but there are conversations that need to happen first. Thanks to my bestie for hosting a webinar to help #FFFFFF like me understand:

  • Diversity isn't enough: We must move toward anti-racism

  • It's not about "not being bad," it's about fighting the idea of "good as default"

  • Silence is a powerful weapon, but if you use it, you must be "all-in"

Meanwhile, I'm participating in two giveaways this month on Bookfunnel!

There are two days left in the Pride Month Freebies giveaway! There are some great m/m and f/f romance titles across the LGBTQ+ spectrum!

If M/M Erotica is more your style, check out these great freebies!

"Gotta Catch Him" is getting more love than "David and Goliath," as to be expected. Spider erotica isn't for everyone. I'm still really proud of that story. It's unlike anything I've written before or will write again.

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