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Going Through the Motions

"Going through the motions

Losing all my drive

I can't even see

If this is really me

And I just want to be alive."

~Buffy Summers, "Once More with Feeling" Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6

I am not thriving as a writer. I'm barely functioning as a human. I'm running on very little sleep. Little Dog was sick last night at midnight, again at 4 a.m., stupid me fed him at 4:15 a.m., and of course he puked all morning. We gave him rice for dinner, and then I dropped a hunk of roast beef and some blue corn chips on the floor, so his "bland dinner" got a lot more interesting. Dog owner fail. If I'm not online tomorrow morning at the usual time, you know why.

I need the weekend to recover from the longest Work From Home week ever. After only three weeks back at work, you'd think it would be easier to return to the home routine. It's not. I've lost focus on work-life balance. Where I once took lunch breaks, I'm now blowing right past them, so in the flow I don't even realize several hours have passed while I'm staring at a page going, "WHO THE FUCK BUILT THIS?" until it dawns on me, "I BUILT THIS!"

Working Stiffs is coming down from Amazon tomorrow. I still don't know what I'm doing with "Quality Assured," but I'll figure it out.

Innovation is now ready for Amazon pre-order. "Seersucker Ultramax" is a fun flash piece with nonbinary ace representation. It was so much fun to write! It's one of 300 flash spec fic pieces on the theme of innovation. If that's your thing, pre-order now!

No idea what I'll accomplish this weekend. Maybe Monday will be better.

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