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Good Friends to Have

I heard this story from someone I don’t respect very much.

She told me about these eccentric rich folks who have lost touch with the real world, but who are loaded and have a really nice camper with a toy hauler for their motorcycles. The eccentric couple invited this woman and her significant other to take an RV vacation with them.

“We don’t like them very much, but they’re good friends to have.”

No. Better friends to have are your broke-ass friends who took you to the lake for free and made you laugh so hard you forgot your problems.

Better friends are the ones who invite you over to their trailer every two weeks for amazing food and Dungeons and Dragons.

Better friends are the ones who walk around the art festival with you, swooning over the cool art we would buy if we only had money.

Better friends are the ones who actually care about you as a person, not the ones who just use you for your money.

But I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had money.

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