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Good Week Vibes


It’s been a bad week, and it’s not even half over.

I won’t spoil Game of Thrones, but I’m still angry about it.

seen it all

The Day Job (TM) is trying to kill me. My allergies are worse when I’m in the office and my current project is making my brain bleed out my eyes.

The News (TM) has been full of stories about losing our favorite anchor (here we come, Lester Holt), cyber crime attacking our phones, and horrible diseases no one has ever heard of and for which there is no cure. NO THANK YOU. Keep that shit over there in never-gonna-happen-to-me-land.

Really awesome things have happened, but I don’t know what I can share, when, with whom. It’s frustrating not only to not be able to share your successes, but also to not know how they will be perceived if you do share.

Sending you all good vibes and hoping your week is going better than mine. ❤

wonderful life
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