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Gratitude: 2018 Edition

“It’s been a long, hard year.”

I’m already quoting “Thank God It’s Christmas,” and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

2018 has been a blessed year. My writing buddy sent me a charm blessed at a Japanese  shrine, and it has brought me luck all year. I met deadlines, wrote a few great stories, and even managed to get one published! Spread Your Wings will be out THIS FRIDAY! I’m still on MLR’s upcoming page, but once it’s published, I will share the buy links.

My biggest thanks goes to Lemur, for putting up with me for another year. I’ve tried to do A LOT this year, from writing to learning Japanese to improving public speaking techniques, all while completing three huge day-job projects and helping out with other projects when I had time. I’m grateful Lemur made all that possible. He also allowed me to make life choices that, while difficult, also made life better for all of us: for Lemur, for me, for our pup, and for the new pup we rescued.

I’m thankful my parents are still in good health and able to come see us every once in a while. We also go to see them, but not as much as we’d like. We will be taking the doggos to obedience training in 2019. Once I can trust my stubborn beagle-husky to come when called, I’ll be able to travel with him. Now, we need to bribe him with treats to get him from the fenced-in yard to the house. Imagine the inner turmoil when faced with the wide-open country, gravel road, and fields beyond. He wants to run forever.


I’m thankful for my siblings, even the disappointing one. As my brother likes to say, at least her drama gives us all something to laugh about. I’m thankful my middle sister and her family are the sane ones. ❤

I’m thankful for my chosen family: my writing partner, my bestie, my D&D fam, my work fam, and my wonderful Pride peeps. My world was so small before I met you. Thank you for widening my horizons and being patient with this ignorant white girl from the middle of nowhere.


I didn’t travel to see my bestie in California this year, and for that, I’m sorry. Still grateful to have my bestie <3. Health issues and uncertain employment conditions kept us apart (plus, no YaoiCon). Even so, we had some great phone conversations. FYI: I can’t hear “Baby Shark” without thinking of Sharky. That’s a thing you now know and won’t be able to un-know. You’re welcome!


I’m so thankful for all of you. Thanks for being here, for joining me on this journey. I disappeared for a minute while relocating the blog and website to prepare for publication. I appreciate your patience and your presence, and hope you’ll stick around for the next stop on this crazy ride: 2019.

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