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GTFO, Summer

It never fails. When I'm ready for autumn to begin and stay, summer rears its ugly head again and decides it's t-shirt weather. Our weather person said shorts and tank-tops. I don't own either of those types of garments (not even for workout clothes). It's jeans and t-shirts for me. I prefer sweaters and boots and I would like my weather back now.

This weekend will be more tweaking my outline, thanks to the book I'm reading. I hope I'll continue the momentum of new words started last weekend. I'm still slacking on the daily words. I'm writing every day in my journal, but no new words on the manuscript while I improve the outline. I hope. Please say it's getting better.

I might break out the sun umbrella and write outside this weekend. Thanks to climate change, not everywhere will be safe outdoors this weekend. I'm voting for folks who want to do something about this mess. I hope you'll consider doing the same, even if you're not in the midst of hellfire or hurricane.

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