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Hard Pieces of Plastic

I’m struggling for words today. I have a headache.

I rarely have headaches. I can honestly say I’ve gone years of my life without one. However, they’ve become a more common annoyance since January, so I went to the eye doctor for the first time in nine years. No shit – I hadn’t been there since 2008. My last experience left me with pink eye and a promise to never fucking go back to that place, yet here I am.

I have Rigid Gas Permeable contacts. I wear them every day, for around fourteen hours a day. I have been wearing the same pair for nine years. That’s some kind of record (and not a good one, my eye doctor will tell you).

Needless to say, I need new contacts. And new glasses. And he wrote me a prescription for eyedrops because I have an irritated cornea. I’m not filling the prescription. Of course my corneas are irritated. I insert hard pieces of plastic into my eyes, daily. They are always irritated. My scleras are red spiderwebs of pain. I’m used to it.

I’m stuck wearing my old glasses and no contacts until the new stuff arrives. My prescription is so bad, they will arrive in a week to ten days. One hour glasses have never been a possibility for me.

So yes, I have a headache. I hope it’s one of the last, for awhile. I may stick with my new pair of glasses and go see a man about some Lasik. 

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