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I’m on schedule to meet my latest deadline. I wrote all the words on Saturday night. So why didn’t I blog then?

I’m frozen in place. Too frightened to look away, lest some new executive order is going to hurt me or someone I love.

This is what happens when you let a reality television star run the United States of America. THIS. This shit show brought to you by unhappy people who don’t know their rights from clickbait about Kim Kardashian.

I’m a deer in headlights. The semi is bearing down fast. I know I need to do more than just stand here and let it hit me, but I’m so scared.

The what-ifs are just as bad as we thought they would be. Executive order upon executive order, every day a new group of people marginalized, minimized, and silenced in the name of “National Security.”

I’m doing my best to stay informed, but too much is too much. It’s been overwhelming. Don’t trust the news, do trust these sources, did you hear what he did now, let’s look at cute pics of puppies instead, and on and on.

I need you to keep me sane, my friends. Share news that’s real. Tell me about marches and rallies and protests in my area. I need to join you. I need to fight this. This bullshit is not at all what the majority of us voted for. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

I remember the pride in my 9th grade history teacher’s voice when he ended his lecture on World War II. He said, “This will never happen in our country.” He was a Republican. I have to wonder if he voted for this, along with the rest of my red fucking state. If so, I’d like to call that statement into question. You think fascism can’t happen in our country? It’s happening right now.


It’s fucking scary. It’s deer-in-the-headlights time. Except we aren’t deer.

We’re not sheep. We will not be slaughtered. Blindsided by the idiots who let this happen, maybe, but we’re smart enough to get out of the way, shoot some tires, and slow that bitch of a semi down for the next two years. Then, let’s hope we can vote some of these spineless idiots out of office and take back some sanity in our government.

You can’t do it alone. Neither can I. It’s going to take all of us.

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