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Here I Go Again

This is becoming a theme for me. Like classic rock on Supernatural, I now procrastinate all weekend and then blog on Monday.

This will not be a lasting theme, I assure you. It can’t. I am not a Monday person, and blogging on Monday is the last thing I want to do.

What did I do this weekend that I was too busy to blog? Pokemon Go has awesome “Treats” this week for players, so I have been catching my fill of “spooky” Pokemon and evolving my first Gendar and Marowak. I also caught enough Meowths to evolve Samson to go with Delilah. You say it’s Biblical, I say it’s Freddie.

We started playing Gears 4 Horde at 8 p.m. Saturday night. Thought we had plenty of time to get to level 50. We did get to level 50, and then we lost our turrets and all of our fabricating money. For some reason, the fabricator wouldn’t let me put money into it, so as a soldier, I wasted our funds trying to fix shit, when Lemur the engineer should have fixed shit. AND THEN at 2 a.m., the system went off-line and booted us.

I hope they did a hard stop to reboot and fix some glitches. That’s my hope.

I’m going to fix this “Blog on Monday” glitch and blog this Saturday. Your regularly scheduled, faithful Tuesday blog will be brought to you tomorrow.

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