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Hip, Hip Hooray!


The first couple of days of Christmas vacation have gone swimmingly well. Swimmingly, because it’s warm enough in the Midwest to take a dip in the pool. No shit. I finished winter weatherizing by buying myself a new winter coat and boots, but it’s not cold enough to wear them yet.

To go along with the not-quite-winter theme, Lemur watched Frozen for the first time today. You may remember the blog from the first time I saw the movie. I’m now desperate to build a snowman. Please, let it snow. Meanwhile, my mom does not want a white Christmas.

I’ve finally played enough rounds of Jingle Juvies to get it out of my system (I hope?), so I’m going to tackle the remaining few chapters of my contemporary romance rewrite to take my mind off of Christmas.

Who else is on vacation? What are your big plans?

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