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Holding Pattern

I'm trying to get my creative drive back, so I'm reading books on creativity and taking Udemy and LinkedIn courses to sharpen my skills. I feel like I'm in a holding pattern, waiting for something to happen to restore the good timeline. I know nothing will take away the damage of the last four years, and I can't continue waiting. It's time to act, even when I don't feel creative, even when I don't feel like a functioning member of society.

This weekend, my goal is to keep working through my courses and to re-evaluate where I am with reading the craft books in my TBR pile. I know I've added a few - my friend and mentor released one earlier this month, so of course it's on the list: Amy Lane's Crafting Category Romance: The Art of Fiction Haiku. One of my Udemy courses is also on writing romance, so maybe I can train my aromantic/asexual reflexes to shut up while I write.

I'm tired, friends, but I'm still trying. Trying doesn't look productive right now. My brain is still hammering away at all the story problems in my head. I'll find a way through this.

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