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Holiday Party Smalltalk

It’s five days to Christmas, and all through the house, no blog posts were stirring, not even that one about the mouse:

I once roused a mouse from its nest while watering a newly planted tree. It ran up our foundation, where it was promptly eaten by our yellow cat. That doesn’t exactly fill blog space.

Therefore, this post will emphasize how little I have to say, much like the banter you might hear if we were to meet at a holiday party. You’re welcome to leave now and save yourself the awkward.

I have nothing to write about Christmas. I’ve said all I’m going to say.

I have nothing to write about the New Year yet. Resolutions are coming. I still have eleven days before I stop procrastinating.

I read my 60 books this year, and it’s Tuesday, but I have vacation next Tuesday, so I’ll have time to write my Top Ten Books Read in 2016 then. (See above: procrastinating.) I’ll be honest: I read nothing as earth-shattering (or as popular) as The Martian, but I have read some fantastic M/M Romance.

So…what to write? Nobody wants to hear about my exercise routine. 

Why yes, I have switched to watching Gossip Girl while I walk, now that I’ve read ALL THE BOOKS and I still remember way too much of the first season of The Originals for it to hold my interest. Not the way to finish The Count of Monte Cristo, I know, but if a book has taken me six years to read, I don’t think it’s great walking incentive. But THIS GUY is… (Sebastian Stan. No really. That’s Sebastian Stan. I looked him up on IMDB.)

Nothing much to report on the writing front. I didn’t write the Japanese story. I don’t have time to make it good and I don’t want to lose potential readers by being That Gaijin. I’m going to try for Mischief Corner’s “Wet Summer Nights” instead. In a pinch, you write what you know.

All Quiet on the Lemur front. He’s still awesome, and I look forward to many, many more years with him.

Nothing new in my life, period. If you see me at the holiday party, don’t ask.

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