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Home Sweet Home

I have returned victorious!

I have books. My story is in one of the books. (YAYAYAYAY!!!!) The YaoiCon 2016 Anthology will be available at – stay tuned!

Alex Woolfson, I apologize for maybe rolling my eyes a little at your over-the-top sales pitch, but yes, I am so glad I purchased Artifice!

I talked with the ladies at the Dreamspinner Press booth like a normal person and did not trip over my tongue (too much)! My only regret: I should have heaped more praises on Shira Anthony for her delightful Mermen books. I love them so much!!!

We bought Cola Cocks from the Wharf’s candy store for Amy Lane. I wished for Candy Heaven in Sacramento… One day, my friends, we (yes, Lemur, I’m dragging your ass with me) will spend a week in the Bay area and drive up to Sac for the experience. My only request is that we do this on a non-convention trip.

I met several more authors of M/M and Yaoi romance. I thought I hit the jackpot at Z Allora‘s booth because she sent me an ebook, but then she said she sends them to everyone who signs up, so now I don’t feel so special. Still love you, Z!!!

I definitely had the after-convention blues on Sunday night. I was sad to see my friends go, and a little terrified to be alone in the room. Weird, WEIRD conversations between an elderly man in a wheelchair and his helpers. Our rooms had a connecting door. I swear, one of the helpers tried to extort the man’s daughter for money over speaker phone. That’s when I pulled all of my stuff into the bathroom, locked the door, and took a long shower. Thankfully, no more talking/arguing/shouting after that.

I bought so many books that it was a near thing to cram my costume, my clothes, and the huge bag of books into my tiny under-seat carry-on. Note to those who like to travel light: always grab a window seat. The curved plane allows more room for your bag and purse.

Next year, we’re headed to Santa Clara! That means I will spend a lot of time in California next year: I still want to get my San Francisco/Sacramento fix, spend time with family, and attend the convention. I cannot wait!

YaoiCon friends, give me a shout out over on the Facebook Page or add a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

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