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I Have Returned!

enough things

Hi again, friends. Sorry for the absence. I needed to hunker down in the writing cave for the last couple of weeks to make sure I had a viable story to turn in for my March 30 deadline. I didn’t have the amount of editing time I would prefer (I still want to burn it with fire) but it’s off to my editor. Please send good vibes.

I’m trying flash fiction for the first time ever, at least first time on purpose. I’d started a short which fit the call, but it’s far too dark to be viable. I’m starting from scratch, and I love my new idea. Now to keep it under 300 words.


We are playing through the Gears of War 4 campaign again on Hardcore. Lemur wants golden Raam-a-llama-ding-dong.

golden raam.jpg

Golden Raam: Worth it.

They’ve fixed some of the major glitches from the first time we played, but there are still some hang-ups and irritants. “Shoot the bombs,” Marcus says. “WE ARE SHOOTING THE BOMBS.” We’re shooting bombs from this dead bug’s catapult. No…he wants us to shoot at the bombs once they’re in the air, to ignite them. Do you think we could remember that after two years? No. We were both far too tired to deal with the bullshit after staying up way past our bedtimes the night before to play through to Act IV. I think the game took pity on us after about 100 bomb launches. Otherwise, Marcus would still be standing there, screaming “Shoot the bombs!” Thanks for standing around yelling, Marcus. Last I checked, you have a Lancer, too.


“Shoot the bombs,” he says. He’s got a Lancer. He can shoot his own damn bombs. Would have saved us a half-hour, but noooo. It’s not his first rodeo, ya know.

I know it sounds like I’m taking a break from writing. I’m not. It’s the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo, and I have another 10-40k submission call assignment I’d like to submit by May 30. I don’t have a first clue what to write. Since I don’t need 50k, I’m going to take the first few days getting an outline together.


How about you? What are your plans this month?

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