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I’m Addicted to Hetalia

The Barenaked Ladies called Sailor Moon, “anime babes that make me think the wrong thing.” They’ve got nothing on Hetalia.  I was convinced, CONVINCED, that Germany and Italy were together, from the Holy Rome days.  And then the final episode of the second season killed it for me.  Holy Rome thought Chibi Italy was a GIRL?  COME ON!

Enough about Holy Rome.  I am in love with Germany.  The artists thought he would be considered ugly.  How could this be ugly?!

Okay, so that last one is fan art, but it’s adorable.

The things I want to post on Facebook, but can’t because I don’t want the people from work to see.  I don’t mind if they know of my yaoi misconceptions, but the cute…well, I’d like them to continue thinking I’m a heartless bitch.  This blog is a form of therapy so I won’t be obsessing over Germany all day.  Yeah. Therapy. That’s what I’ll call it.

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