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I Ran Away

It’s PrideFest Weekend and I’ve been trying to help our President as much as possible because we don’t have a VP. It’s also Wizard World Comic Con weekend. Geeks unite!

Unfortunately, with the booth at PrideFest this Saturday and Sunday, I won’t be able to go to Comic Con, so we went Friday.

Guess who also went Friday. My former best friend. Let me guess, VIP passes. *eyeroll.*

I’ve mentioned that my friend RJ introduced Lemur and me. Then, I did the worst thing imaginable. I went to work for my best friend’s wife. Let’s just say that didn’t work out the way I’d planned, but it did lead to my current job, so everything happens for a reason.

While at Comic Con, we cruised the vendor booths, and we saw tons of people we know. We had a great time looking at all the art and the costumes and the t-shirts. And then it happened: I saw Lemur elbow-to-elbow with my former boss.

Ernie Hudson, one of the stars of Congo, the movie with the gorilla robot, was also at Comic Con. There’s an awesome scene* in Congo where he tells Dylan Walsh’s character that he needs to show dominance to a silver back gorilla and stay where he is. The silver back comes up, roars at Walsh, and Hudson disappears. When Walsh asks him later where he was, Hudson says, “I ran away. Sorry.”

I saw my former friend and fellow pop-culture connoisseur, and  I just couldn’t do it. I’m not ready to slap on a fake smile and pretend she doesn’t mean anything to me. She was one of my best friends. So I ran away. Sorry.

I could do it today, maybe. On my turf, maybe. Otherwise…hey, I waited 20 years to see Ro, and I LIKE him.

Thanks to my Pride peeps for keeping me sane this month. It’s finally here! Let’s make this the best PrideFest yet!

*There are four awesome scenes in Congo. The first is where Bruce Campbell makes a brief appearance, before he’s attacked by a mysterious gray gorilla. The second is when Delroy Lindo tells Tim Curry to stop eating his sesame cake:

The third is the one described above. The fourth is when one of the scientists on the expedition walks up to one of the guards and tries to make small-talk. “Have you ever been to Mombasa?” is our code for, “stop asking me stupid questions.” This movie had an all-star cast and rode the wave of Michael Crichton fame after Jurassic Park, but it was primarily a flop. If you watch it as a comedy, you’ll have a much better time.

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