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I’ve Lost My Ever-Loving Mind

Me: You’ve got to help me. My blogger username is my personal e-mail address, not the e-mail address I want for my account.

Ro: Nobody else can see that. Relax.

That was in September. Fast-forward six months. I completely forgot this tidbit of information. Already pissed about the whole blogger fiasco, I deleted my Google+ account in a fit of rage (for the second time). I am a fucking idiot.

This saddens me because I loved my new Google+ contacts. My fellow French and German Queen Fans–you know who you are. I love you all. I am sorry I deleted my account. Again. I will start a new Google+ account and try to reconnect with you.

It’s unnerving how Google puts your username at the top of your blogger account, even if it’s embedded in another account. It always knows you are you, if you stay logged in. Creepy, Google. Creepy.

In other “Edie’s Lost Her Ever-Loving Mind” news, I remembered why I haven’t touched Schoolhouse Five in seven years. It’s fucking evil. It makes a Dark Lord of the Sith look like Grover.

Even after deleting most of her scenes, I still want Genna to end up on life support with no chance of survival at the end of this book. She killed Louis. She is a terrible person. I wrote her. I wrote that. I want to kill her all over again.

I don’t like feeling like this. I don’t want to go back to that place. Everything about that book feels so wrong. Part of me felt some sort of social justice, that the head of the Neo-Nazi group ended up falling in love with a Jewish boy and then losing him in a school shooting. Now, it’s just terrible. See, I fell in love with Dolf while I wrote this book. He has redeeming qualities. He was born into the KKK, he didn’t choose it any more than he chose to be gay. They deserve a better ending. Why did I make it such a horrible, dark place in the first place?

That’s rhetorical. Don’t answer that.

In better news, I have decided on a more appropriate working title, since one of my betas asked, “Are you still able to call it Schoolhouse Five? It won’t make any sense.” No, dear friend, it can’t be Schoolhouse Five any more. The working title is Love Your Enemy.

If you have a better idea, I’d love to hear it! Leave a comment or send me a message!

Not even Obi Wan could save me from this crazy. Then again, would he even try?

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