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In Over My Head

I thought I was ready. I thought I could do this writing thing. I knew what it would take. I’ve read so many published books thinking, “I can do better than that.”

And then I read some of the GoodReads Reader’s Choice M/M nominees, and I have a lot more polishing to go. I’m not ready.

First, I need a reliable beta reader. Someone who is not married to me or vying for my affection (i.e. return calls) who will actually tell me the truth. Is my writing honest, and interesting, and entertaining? Or am I wasting my time?

Next, I need to polish the holy fuck out of my manuscript. I will add in all the words I left out because I thought it would be too intellectual for my audience. No. I learned all those special, fancy vocabulary words because I like them. Everyone else can look them up, too.

Then, I’m going to submit to the one and only agent I’ve found for M/M, and present to her the best body of work that I can. And learn from others, especially the published, agented author I found in my own back yard. I’ll probably annoy her, but dammit, I will pursue every avenue I can. (*EDITED* Fuck no, I do not want to anger that woman. ABORT ABORT ABORT!)

2014 is my year. The year of honesty with myself. The year of growing into the writer I want to be. The year of never backing down.

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