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Independence Day Philosophy Homework

Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans! I wrote about Independence last year, so it’s tempting to treat this like another Tuesday blog.

Unfortunately, independence doesn’t mean what it meant last year. When the laws of the land are dictated by a crazy person, it’s hard to feel safe. Last year, there was the far-off threat that people like my sister could vote someone with zero experience and a horrible track record into power. Today, it’s a reality.

Let’s take a moment to ask a few Philosophical questions, questions that can only be answered by you. Not your religion. Not what the media, or your enemies, or even your friends told you.

  1. What does it mean to live a decent human life?

  2. What one thing are you doing out of hate? What would happen if you instead started (or stopped) doing it out of love?

  3. What immediate problem within your circle of control could be resolved today, if you acted on it?

I’m assuming most of you skimmed those questions. They are hard to answer. I get that. I can lead you to the hollow place in your soul, but only you can fill it. Once you do, you’ll know what it means to be independent.

In the meantime, I’d settle for every United States citizen practicing the number one rule of customer service:

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