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I had to people today. I didn’t want to people. 

Then, I watched Larry Kramer: In Love and Anger, and now I don’t want to do much of anything but cry and wish I had been born in a different time, when my desire for activism could have counted for something. Don’t know who Larry Kramer is? Learn more.

This was not the day I’d planned after reviewing Brad Vance’s novel, A Little Too Broken (which is fantastic!). I happened on a Tweet last night about letting an author know how much you liked his or her book, so I sent him a note about how much I enjoyed it, and he talked me into writing a review on Amazon.

Today is also the RITA award ceremony for my friend Amy Lane, nominated for The Bells of Times Square, and fellow Iowan Heidi Cullinan, nominated for Fever Pitch. Three M/M romances were nominated this year! I AM IN SHOCK AND AWE AND NOT-GOOD-ENOUGHNESS.

I want to curl up into a ball and cry the rest of the day. Instead, I’m going to write.

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