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It Burns Us!

I’m in pain, and I’m trying to write a short story. There may be a reason I chose a vampire paranormal romance. The light, it burns us.

Short stories are hard.

The characters are fully developed in my head. I know their grandparents. Their life stories. One is a vampire from the height of the Roman Empire, so his life story is extensive. The other is a boy who joined the military before he was old enough, just so he could kill Nazis. In his eighteen years, he’s seen enough of life, and the horrible way people treat each other. The vampire respects that, but has finally found someone worthy of eternity.

I’m writing a short story to take my mind off the pain. My head hurts. My guts burn. My stupid girl body has betrayed me. Everything below my sternum and above my knees feels like a foreign country of molten pain jammed beneath my skin. 

When I’m done with this story, I’m going to curl up with some Advil and a good book and pretend that I’m a hibernating bear.

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