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It’s a Small World After All

I can’t go anywhere without running into someone from my home state.

While in San Francisco, we ended up at the same restaurant on the wharf as a family I saw departing the local airport. At first, I thought the guy looked vaguely familiar, and then I recognized his wife wearing a sweatshirt that a friend told me was made only in our town (she has the same shirt).

AND THEN, the couple sitting behind me on the return flight from Denver had also been to San Francisco this past weekend. One of them casually mentioned my company name, which originally caught my attention. They were also waiting for a dude named *insert Lemur’s real name here* to text them when we landed. Yes, I turned around and scanned both of their faces to see if I knew them. Freaked him out, too.

Him: That one keeps looking at us. Her: People do that. Him: Yeah, but that one turns around a lot. Shouldn’t she be looking toward the front of the plane? (We were about to deboard, so I took a chance and looked.)

Note to loud travelers: THE PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU CAN HEAR EVERY WORD YOU SAY. Seriously, I was not trying to eavesdrop. I was listening to Queen (loud) and sitting at the back of the wing (loud), and I still overheard them. I heard them better than I heard the lovely retired couple sitting next to me.

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but when it happens in San Francisco, apparently everyone and their cousin decides to follow (like this guy).

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