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It’s Gonna Be May


It’s been a long week already, so I needed some silliness. Why not one of my favorite JT moments, since tomorrow is the first day of May.


I was not an NSYNC fan. I was more a Backstreet Boys kind of girl until “Bye, Bye, Bye.” Justin Timberlake wasn’t my favorite solo artist, either, but I own more of his albums than any other boy band boy (You got me. One. I own one of his albums.) so he must be doing something right.

just may

I did not “win” Camp NaNoWriMo. I have a good start to my story due at the end of May, but no spectacular first draft achievements unlocked. I’m still plugging away, only more efficiently than last time, since I’m not writing it longhand and transcribing. It’s STS – Straight-to-Scrivener.

My goals for May:

  1. Finish this damn novella.

  2. Have the best damn 20th anniversary ever, followed by the best damn ?? birthday.

  3. Survive my niece’s graduation.

  4. Don’t die from all the peopleing.

  5. Learn the fate of a couple of outstanding submissions (I hope).

How about you? What’s gonna be May in your world?

more may

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