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It’s Late

One of my favorite Queen songs says, “It’s late, it’s late, it’s late, but it’s not too late.”

It’s Sunday. In fact, it’s Sunday afternoon (which calls to mind another Queen song, but I am NOT lazing). Last night, my brain was fried, so I read instead of blogging or writing.

Don’t worry. I am also writing again. I’m working on Love Your Enemy and I’ve started an outline for Maximilian’s story (if Breaking All the Rules becomes the series I hope it will). Max is one fucked-up cookie, which is my expertise. Drexel’s neurotic, but he’s harmless and sweet and kinda clueless. Max… Max believes that he must maintain a borderline abusive relationship as karmic debt for his successful career. Like I said. Fucked up.

Some of you may ask, “But what about the pirates?” Great question. When I finish Love Your Enemy, I will return to writing the pirate fantasy. It’s stupid, I know, but I can’t leave these characters in a trunk. They were the reason I started writing M/M.

Why does it take so long to publish a book? I found this great meme to explain:

I’m on the final stages for Breaking All the Rules. If anyone wishes to beta, let me know. Until then, patience, young padawan. All we need is a little patience.

(I suppose this proves that you can steer the blog away from music, but you will never take the music out of the blog.)

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