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January 3 - The King's Physician

I have a release date for The King's Physician! My enemies-to-lovers m/m fantasy romance about a failed magician and his replacement will be released on January 3, 2020. I'm also doing a two-week book blog tour starting January 10, so you'll probably be seeing a ton of links coming up. I don't have the cover yet, but I'll share it with you all as soon as I do.

I'm working on edits for Pika Perfect right now. The more I edit, the more I feel like I'm getting worse at this writing thing. I like oscillating between contemporary and fantasy, but let's be honest: trying to make a fictional world close to our own is a lot harder than writing one that's completely different. Suspending disbelief is easy enough when you expect to do so from the start. It's not so easy when you went to so-and-so school or have done such-and-such thing and the author got it wrong somehow.

I'm going to push through my impostor syndrome and finish these edits. Then, I'm going to finish reading the OneNote book, read through beta comments on the vampire short, and start on the promotions. There's no time for self doubt, but somehow I'll end up hating myself through it all.

What do you have planned for this weekend?

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